Design & Install the perfect coldroom

Coldroom Installation

At BraceAir, we can supply and install the highest quality coldrooms. We will listen to you and provide you with a tailor made coldroom that meets your specification requirements and size.

All Coldrooms installed will also we fitted with see-through strip curtains to maintain energy efficiency and to make sure your products stay at the desired temperature.

Coldroom Maintenance

We provide an excellent yearly maintenance on all coldroom units.

This package includes condenser cleaning with chemical, evaporator cleaned, drain, pump checked, electrical connection and currents checked, leak testing, oil, fans, safety switch and operation to correct temperature.

On completion of routine maintenance on any coldroom set up, we will provide you with an F GAS tick sheet & maintenance report for your warranty requirements.

Coldroom Case Cleans

We also offer a Case Clean for all coldroom units which involves a through deep clean of the case and having the evaporator coil cleaned with chemicals and washed.

Coldroom Service & Repairs

BraceAir offer a complete after care service. We can even assist customers with coldrooms that have been installed by other companies.

If your coldroom has stopped working, not keeping correct temperature, noisy, fabrication damages or any other type of fault; our experienced engineers will be able to diagnose and repair the fault with little fuss.

We pride ourselves with having a excellent first time fix rate. By letting us know the Make and Model of your equipment and what the fault is, we are very confident in getting your unit working again promptly.