Air Conditioning


In todays working environment, whatever the sector may be, clients have come to recognise air-conditioning plays an important role in their buildings.

Today’s air-conditioning systems boast modern, aesthetically-pleasing designs. AC units are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Despite such developments and as a result of competition, costs are actually very reasonable, enabling everybody to benefit.

Air-conditioning is not just used as a cooling system. It heats and dehumidifies as well. Control over your whole working or living environment is possible.


We provide an excellent yearly maintenance on all air-conditioning systems.

This package includes cleaning filters, both indoor & outdoor units coils cleaned with acid free chemical, check electrical connection and currents, condensate pump, operation on both modes, leak testing, compressor, fans and safety switch.

On completion of routine maintenance on any Air Conditioning system, we will provide you with an F GAS tick sheet & maintenance report for your warranty requirements.

Maintenance Package

Competitive Price on Maintenance

Service & Repairs

BraceAir offer a complete after care service. We can even assist customers with air-conditioning units that have been installed by other companies.

If your air-conditioning system has stopped working, not cooling or heating, leaking water, noisy, fabrication damages or any other type of fault; our experienced engineers will be able to diagnose and repair the fault with little fuss.

We pride ourselves with having a excellent first time fix rate. By letting us know the Make and Model of your equipment and what the fault is, we are very confident in getting your unit working again promptly.

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